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breaking down our formula

To celebrate the launch of our first dog-friendly Companion Oil, we’re sharing the process that got us to our final product.

We put more than a year of time and research into the formulation of our first Companion Oil. This leaves us with an excessive amount of knowledge – and many unwavering standards – that we are dying to share with someone!

Hopefully, we’ve distilled all that into the most readable version of a very long process – from consulting experts to vetting reputable partners to choosing our three premium ingredients. Who we consulted – and why.

We talked to so many people – so many! First, dog owners. We wanted to understand when and how they might use a CBD product, what issues their pets were struggling with, and how it impacted both owner and dog. Next, we consulted with industry leaders and animal professionals like dog walkers, trainers, and nutritionists. This was incredibly helpful in building the list of standards for what would impact our formula. Did we talk with any vets? We sure tried. However, as medical professionals, they’re not in a position to advise on the efficacy or safety of unregulated treatments or products. So, we turned to the scholars. As in, scientific journals, textbooks, and published works by researchers and industry leaders. Finding the perfect manufacturing “match.”

Choosing a manufacturing partner is one of those decisions that should keep any good business owner awake at night. We decided from the beginning to narrow our list to companies that did not solely produce CBD products.

With CBD booming and regulations lagging behind, we worried a newer CBD manufacturer wouldn’t be able to offer the experience in production, testing, and sourcing practices that were a must-have for Restly. After culling down the list, we found an incredible manufacturing partner that exceeded our expectations. In business for more than 40 years, they’re a USDA Certified Organic, family-owned company operating right here in the US. Finally! Our quick and clean ingredient list.

Restly Companion Oil contains just three premium, purity-tested ingredients:

  • Wild Alaskan Salmon Oil

  • Hemp Seed Oil

  • Hemp Extract (single source from Colorado)

Did we leave anything out? You bet we did. Our formula contains 0% THC (which can be toxic to dogs) and is free of animal irritants like chemicals, dyes, grain-based fillers, or sweeteners. ...And all those super-important details.

As we moved into testing and production, we considered the smell-to-taste ratio (since dogs are super sniffers) and ease of dosing and delivery for humans. This part was pretty interesting. Finding a ratio of salmon to hemp seed oil that was enticing to dogs and not too overwhelming to humans was, in hindsight, a great story.

If you made it all the way to the end of that formula deep-dive, THANK YOU.

We’re so proud (and pumped) to share our Companion Oil with you.

- H&R 💙


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