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choosing quality: why restly cbd stands out in the pet cbd industry

The CBD industry is growing rapidly and more and more pet owners are looking for pet CBD products. It's important to note that not all pet CBD products are equal in quality. Many products on the market are actually human products repackaged for pets and may contain THC, which can be harmful to pets.

Furthermore, these products often do not cater to the unique taste, smell, and potency requirements of dogs. However, Restly Pets CBD has developed a product that is specifically designed to meet your dog's needs. We take a meticulous approach to ensure that our product meets your dog's specific requirements, setting us apart from our competitors.

The origin of Restly:

Restly Pets CBD was created to help pets, like Rico, my pint-sized Chihuahua that becomes uneasy during thunderstorms. Our product was specifically formulated to help pets feel more at ease during loud noises, like thunderstorms, in our Brooklyn neighborhood.

Distinctive Advantages and Perks of Restly CBD products:

Restly Pets CBD products have unique features and benefits, including hemp sourced from a USDA-certified organic hemp grower in Colorado, Wild Caught Alaskan Salmon Oil for a tasty and healthy additive, unprocessed organic hemp seed oil for added nutritional benefits, and a THC-free formula to ensure safety for your canine companion. We are a small, woman-owned business that prioritizes pet safety and well-being. Our products are clearly labeled with easy-to-understand dosage and ingredient information, allowing pet owners to make informed decisions about their pets' health.

Clear Labeling of Restly Pets CBD Products:

For pet owners, it's crucial to ensure the quality, potency, and safety of CBD products. Restly Pets CBD understands this and provides Certificates of Authenticity (COA) for all its products. This gives pet owners peace of mind when purchasing CBD products for their furry friends. It's always recommended to look for COAs when buying CBD products for your dog, as not all brands offer this level of assurance.

For more information, you can check out our story.

Additionally, you can find Restly Pets COAs here.

By incorporating Restly CBD into your dog's routine, you may be able to alleviate the stress that often accompanies daily interactions. Our cannabinoid products are designed specifically for pets, with easy-to-follow dosing instructions and simple application.

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