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three must-reads on pets and CBD

Restly’s co-founder shares her shortlist of pet wellness reads. Check them out before you go down a shady Internet rabbit hole.

I see you – about to type your beloved companion’s symptoms or struggles into that search bar. That’s exactly what I did, almost three years ago, as I began searching for ways to help my dog Rico cope with his anxiety.

On the hunt for quality products and trustworthy information that could offer some relief, I read my way through the Internet and emerged as a pet wellness enthusiast and small business owner. All that time reading and researching means I also have a carefully vetted list of factual and highly informative reads for any (and every) pet owner. 1. ‘Fear-Free’ Pets Make for Happier Pets, and Owners A well-researched article from The New York Times: “Chronic anxiety can have lasting consequences for pets, as it does for people. Among the effects, Dr. Landsberg says, are weakened immunity, gastrointestinal and respiratory problems and slower wound healing. There’s also some evidence that fearful pets age faster than their calmer peers.” 2. Canine Behavioral Assessment & Research Questionnaire This online assessment tool is a great place to start: “The Canine Behavioral Assessment & Research Questionnaire (C-BARQ) is a standardized, behavioral evaluation tool for dog owners/guardians, handlers and professionals. It was developed and validated by Yuying Hsu and James Serpell in 2003, and has been available for completion via a publicly accessible online website since 2005.” 3. Amicable Separation When Leaving Your Dog Again WDJ’s Training Editor lays out clear steps for identifying and modifying separation anxiety behaviors: “True SA presents as extremes of behavior: vocalization, destruction of household objects (especially door frames and confinement tools), self-injury, and sometimes soiling in the home by a previously well house-trained dog.” Three articles times about five minutes equals 15 minutes to becoming an Internet Expert on your pet’s emotions. It’ll also mean the world to your dog. Craving a longer read? A Hidden Origin Story of the CBD craze is an incredibly detailed and super interesting piece on CBD’s slow rise and eventual launch into the mainstream by NYT investigative reporter Amanda Chicago Lewis. Happy reading. And happy tails to all. H&R


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