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hi! here’s our story.

Restly was born and bred by Hannah & Rico in Brooklyn, New York.

The seed for Restly was planted when Rico, my pint-sized chihuahua, started having a really tough time being alone in our apartment. His unease was hugely concerning to me. It was even starting to disrupt daily life.

I needed to help Rico feel less fearful when I walked out the door each morning. But it was hard to find routines that worked and products I trusted. The options felt extremely limited.

Researching pet wellness was starting to feel like my full-time job. So why not make it my job? That's how I decided to start Restly – a brand dedicated to helping pets live their best lives with premium, thoughtfully designed products.

Building a brand I believe in has been the hardest thing I’ve ever done – and the most rewarding. At the heart of this brand is the belief that pet-care is a form of self-care, and that animals deserve products that offer the same quality, safety, and efficacy that humans enjoy.

I’m so proud of what Restly is doing for our dogs and our community. Thanks for reading (or skimming) this – you’re the best.

- H & R

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